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Best Shelling Beaches in Naples, Florida

by Arelys Alexander

Sunning, surfing, and sailing are wonderful activities, but sometimes a barefoot stroll up and down a beautiful beach is exactly what you want. The Paradise Coast boasts an awesome expanse of coastline beloved by shell collectors for all of the incredible shelling beaches.

Naples’ Top Beaches for Shelling 

Barefoot Beach Preserve

As one of the last undeveloped barrier islands along this part of the Florida coast, Barefoot Beach Preserve offers hundreds of acres of unspoiled nature where sea turtles, manatees, and gopher tortoises enjoy unmolested lives. 

Here, one can find a number of lovely seashells, including cockles, murex, coquinas, and sand dollars.

Clam Pass Beach Park

With a beautiful mangrove forest, a boardwalk, and too many birds to count, Clam Pass Beach Park is one of the most popular beaches in Naples. Keep your eyes open for turkey wings, spotted slippers, wentletraps, and other collectible seashells on this 3,200-foot stretch of white sand beach.

Vanderbilt Beach

In addition to being a great place to collect seashells, handicap-accessible Vanderbilt Beach offers a range of amenities, including showers, restrooms, bike racks, and a concession stand that rents beach gear. Visit at low tide to find keyhole limpets, jingle shells, and calico scallop shells.

Tigertail Beach

Located on Marco Island, Tigertail Beach is lauded by locals as one of the best shelling beaches in Naples. Here beachcombers enjoy a half-mile of clean white beach along with concession stands, picnic tables, barbecue areas, and restrooms. 

Handicap accessible, Tigertail is open from 8 am to sunset every day of the year.

The Most Popular Florida Seashells to Look For

  • Calico scallop
  • Cerith
  • Cockle
  • Conch
  • Coquinas
  • Florida spiny jewel box
  • Jingle shells
  • Junonia
  • Keyhole limpet
  • Lightning whelk
  • Murex
  • Olive shells
  • Sand dollars
  • Spotted slipper
  • Tulip banded shells
  • Turkey wings
  • Wentletrap
  • Worm snail shells

Simple Shelling Tips for Beginners

1. Check the Local Tide Charts 

Time your shelling excursion to coincide with the low tide for the best chance of finding an excellent assortment of seashells.

2. Watch for Inhabited Shells 

Before you put a pretty shell into your collection bucket or net, make sure nobody is living inside. It's important to respect nature when you are shelling and there are plenty of shells that aren't animal's homes!

3. Protect Yourself From the Florida Sunshine 

Gulf waters reflect UV rays in a big way, so remember to use sunscreen on your face, shoulders, arms, and the tops of your bare feet. It’s also generally a good idea to wear clothes that cover your skin if you plan to be out by the water for a long time and a good wide-brimmed hat can help you to protect your face and neck.

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