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4 Tips for Golfing in Warm Weather

by Arelys Alexander

If you're a golf lover, you do not want to miss playing the game no matter the season. However, it is imperative to stay prepared physically and mentally, depending on the weather. 

While some people shy away from playing golf in the heat of the summer, others take advantage and go out as usual. This is because they prepare for the season. Here are tips on playing golf in hot weather. 

Drink Enough Fluids 

Staying hydrated may not be easy, but it is essential. It would be best to drink a lot of fluids before you go golfing.This can be a few hours before you begin the game. It is also best that you carry along lots of water to help you stay hydrated throughout your game. Remember, alcohol dehydrates the body. 

Wear Light, Breathable Clothing 

Loose and light clothing will help you stay comfortable and cool when golfing. Wear lightweight, long-sleeve shirts and pants to provide protection from the sun. Keep in mind the materials of your clothing as cotton is known to be breathable and many brands are starting to provide items out of fabrics that contain SPF, sun protecting factors.

Wear Sunscreen 

On sunny summer days, your face and other parts of your body get exposed to the sun’s rays. The sun rays are harmful to your skin, and you will likely suffer from a sunburn. It is best to apply sunscreen that is SPF 50 or higher. You should also wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from sun damage. Did you know that sunburns can even happen on cloudy summer days? Always be prepared and check the UV forecast before heading out on the course.

Eat Lighter, Healthy Meals 

Eating light and healthy meals will help you retain adequate energy for golfing. You will likely not golf as desired if you do not eat well. However, be sure to avoid overeating because you will feel heavy and sluggish. 

It is best to eat earlier, probably five to six hours before golfing. Proper nutrition is key to staying full and entergized during your game.

If you've been wondering how to play golf in warm summer weather, using the above tips can help you stay healthy and comfortable when golfing, no matter the season. What better place than beautiful Naples, FL to golf year-round. For more on getting the most out of luxury living in Mediterra please feel free to contact us.

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