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7 Best Places to Watch a Sunset in Naples, Florida

by Arelys Alexander

Naples, Florida is famous for its beautiful sunsets that shoot cascading colors across the horizon. Watching a sunset over the gulf has become a tradition in Naples because of its beauty, of course, but because there’s just no better place to be when dusk decides to come.

There’s no shortage of spectacular vantage points around town. These are a few of the most unique and interesting places to watch the sunset in Naples, Florida.

1. The Naples Pier

The Naples pier is one of the best places to watch the sunset. You don't have to pay to visit the pier. So bring a blanket and a cup of coffee to enjoy the sun diving into the Gulf of Mexico.

Important tip: Since the Pier is one of the most visited attractions in Naples, come early to get a great spot.

2. A Boat

Watching the sunset from a boat is an unforgettable experience. You can almost touch the sun as it settles in for the night and tucks under the horizon. 

You can either rent a boat, take your own or book one of the local sunset tours. Bring a bottle of your favorite wine and enjoy a relaxing evening on board.

3. Lowdermilk Park

Lowdermilk Park is one of the popular beaches in Naples, Florida for good reason. It's equipped with picnic tables, playgrounds, courts, and even a duck pond, but, most importantly, it provides a premier place to watch the sun fall. 

You can bring food and drinks, settle at a picnic table, and wait for the sun to set to enjoy the breathtaking beauty.

4. Clam Beach Park

This beautiful Naples beach is another great beach to spend the evening. Since it's not a busy attraction, at least not as busy as Lowdermilk, you have a shot at solitude.

Before the sunset, you can explore the boardwalk or take a tram ride through a mangrove forest. 

This beach is famous for its huge variety of marine life, coastal birds and butterflies. If you want to get a drink, you can visit Rhode's End.

5. The Turtle Club and Gumbo Limbo Restaurants

If you'd like to kill two birds with one stone, consider watching the sunset while enjoying fine dining at one of the beachfront restaurants along the coast. The Turtle Club has excellent cuisine and offers a wonderful view. 

Don't forget to make a reservation, it tends to fill up fast even on weeknights.

Another terrific seaside restaurant to watch the sunset while trying tasty dishes is the Gumbo Limbo restaurant. It's located in the Ritz Carlton. You can choose the most convenient seats to get the top-notch view.  

7. Buzz's Lighthouse Restaurant

This restaurant is famous for its high-quality seafood and reasonable prices. 

There is a small pier nearby, but you can watch the sunset while enjoying your shrimp at the table. If you are planning to come on Friday or Saturday, don't forget to make a reservation.

Best Times to Watch the Sunset in Naples Florida

Once you choose the place, you need to know the best time for the season:

  • January—between 05.45 pm and 06:10 pm 
  • February—between 06.10 pm and 06:28 pm
  • March—between 06.29 pm and 07:43 pm
  • April—between 07.44 pm and 07:58 pm
  • May—between 07.59 pm and 08:15 pm
  • June—between 08.15 pm and 08:23 pm 
  • July—between 08.15 pm and 08:23 pm 
  • August—between 07.47 pm and 08:15 pm 
  • September—between 07.15 pm and 07:46 pm 
  • October—between 06.45 pm and 07:13 pm
  • November—between 05.34 pm and 05:44 pm
  • December—between 05.34 pm and 05:44 pm

In the winter, the sunsets are usually around 6 pm. In the fall and spring, they shift closer to 7.30 pm. In the summer, they occur at around 8 pm.

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