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2021 Design Trends for Naples, Florida, Custom Homes

by Arelys Alexander

2021 promises to be an exciting year for home design trends in Florida as coastal styles continue to evolve. To help you keep track of it all, here are some of the latest design trends in Florida custom homes to look out for.


Design Styles to Watch For

There are a lot of popular design styles popping up around southwest Florida. Here are a few that you’ll see all along the gulf coast.

Distant Shores Style

This design trend is inspired by a tropical lifestyle with calm interiors and an overall relaxed feel to the home. 

Floral designs, bright tropical colors, subtle neutrals, and soft yellows combine to create safe, inviting places to relax. Lush greenery and tropical ferns with natural wood accent furniture and wall decor add to the tropical vibe.

Coastal Contemporary

Coastal contemporary style has been very popular on the gulf coast for a few years. It combines light colors (blues, greens, greys, and white) with a modern coastal feel. Features you’ll often see on a coastal contemporary home are large windows, white walls, open floor plans, and lots of natural lighting.

Color Trends for 2021

Color trends of 2021 reflect the desire for a living space where families can relax, recharge, and feel cozy and comfortable. 

Pantone's colors of the year are the neutral Ultimate Grey and a rich yellow called Illuminating. These color combinations radiate a background of strength and an uplifting hopefulness paired with a sunny, friendly, and cozy yellow. 

The colors you’ll see in interior design will be similar, with lots of light colors and shades of white, off-white, and grey with some pops of accent color.

Light Woods, Not Darker Shades

Likely a response to the new embrace of minimalism, light woods in furniture, flooring, and walls give the illusion of more space. 

Scandinavian blonde and light oak are easy woods to design around. Light woods such as these and others work well with both a modern decor and a rustic farmhouse look.  

Dark woods and lacquer are now passé. For inspiration, peruse Scandinavian and Japanese design examples. 

Outdoor Lighting Trends

The frequency of outdoor entertaining is expected to continue, and homeowners are investing in a variety of outdoor lighting. This enhances your enjoyment of your property and creates a more interesting scene for guests. Border the pool with hurricane lanterns, spotlight favorite trees and blooms, and install a statement feature. Decorate a wall with greenery, incorporate beach equipment such as a wall-mounted surfboard, order some signage such as "pool" in large, colored letters. 

Exterior Design Trends

Exterior colors that are trending include Aged Pewter, Deep Ocean, and Mountain Sage. Cooler gray tones popular over the last decade are still in demand, but warmer grays are growing in popularity.

The farmhouse is still trendy with a white exterior in a board and batten look. The 2021 look goes bolder with dark exteriors. 

If you want to learn more about how you can implement these design trends in your dream custom home, please contact us for more information.


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