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Rejuvenate Your Senses with Luxury Master Bathroom Designs

by Arelys Alexander

Homeowners focus a lot of attention on designing and building their perfect home, a place where they can show off their individual style and unique personalities in every architectural detail and every touch of interior design.  That design attention isespecially critical in some of the most important rooms in the house.

You are probably thinking of the luxury kitchen, where most of your time is spent on a day-to-day basis, or the master suite, where you aim to get restful sleep and prepare for the luxury living lifestyle you experience every day at Mediterra Naples.  However, in order to rejuvenate your senses and unwind, you need to find the perfect design for your luxurious master bathroom.  Here are a few of our favorite bathroom designs to consider when designing your dream home.

Spa-Like Luxury Master Bathroom

Sonoma_MED_CAM02_Masterbath 2

Want to get the serenity and calmness of a spa without ever leaving your home?  By building a spa-like luxury master bathroom, every day can be spa day. Give your luxury master bathroom the opulence and magnificence of the spa by adding a giant white tub to soak and relax in, a spacious shower with intricate tiles, and big ceiling to floor windows, which will allow you to enjoy your bath surrounded by natural light.  Add a touch of privacy by installing café curtains to block the view from the outside while still allowing you to bask in natural light. 

Once the major design features are in place, decorate the bathroom with relaxing artwork, use greenery to promote freshness, and install soothing lighting to complete the tranquil ambience. 

Mediterra Naples custom home builder, London Bay Homes, understands that a spa-like retreat is one of the most popular design trends in master bathrooms, which is why many of our homes feature unique designs with a spa-like influence, like the luxurious master bathroom found in our Sonoma model home in Caminetto.

Modern Farmhouse-Inspired Master Bathroom

If you are inspired by a rustic farmhouse look, a-la Chip and Joanna Gaines, bring that design to your master bathroom and build upon it with luxurious modern touches.  A sliding barn door, a wooden interior, and similar farm decorations will bring a simple and chic look to your master bathroom.

You can find a modern farm-house look in our Capriano model home in Cortile, Mediterra’s most coveted neighborhood at the heart of the luxury home community.

Sophisticated Master Bathroom

Want to feel like a queen in your bathroom? You can enjoy royal treatment in a sophisticated master bathroom. Ivory and cream tiles elegantly placed with a touch of gold will give the appearance of a queen’s court, not a bathroom.  To get this extravagant look, install a big, crystal chandelier in your luxury master bathroom or a big mirror with ornate decorations to complete your royal and glamorous look. Get ideas for this luxurious design in our Cordoba home in Cortile.

Cottage-Style Master Bathroom

Cottage-style master bathrooms bring the colors and texture of a seaside getaway into your home.  Airy and bright, these bathrooms bring peace and relaxation to your space just like a cozy stay at a cottage.  Get this look with blues, tans, and greens, or throw in beaded-board wainscoting, wide molding, or vintage furniture such as a classic claw-foot tub.  For our Isabella Two-Story model home, Romanza Interior Design opted for a cottage-style look with lakeside influences.

Marble-Inspired Master Bathroom 


There is nothing more luxurious than marble, and when you center your master bathroom design on it, it becomes art as well. A huge marble tub, black and white marble floor tiles, or a traditional sun-bathed room will give your house graceful appeal. You can also add marble sculptures in the space to make it even more extravagant, or just settle on a deep-taupe polished marble floor that repeats on the walls, like in our Catalina model home in Cortile.  

Find your favorite lavish and luxurious master bathroom by scheduling your tour of London Bay Homes’ beautiful model homes in Mediterra Naples.

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