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Aging in Place: What a Naples Custom Home Builder Can Do for You

by Arelys Alexander

There comes a time in our lives when we don’t want to worry about getting settled in a new home, but fully living in our forever home.  When that time comes, learn about all of the custom home features you should incorporate into your luxury custom homes so you can properly age in place.

Aging in place isn’t the end, but a proper beginning for a life of luxury and convenience as you smoothly transition into retirement.  It’s a term used for future proofing a home so that as the years tick by, homeowners will be less likely to need a full renovation later in life because their luxury custom homes will be properly prepared for future technologies, as well as future physical needs.  These preparations go far beyond grab bars and stair rails, but about smart planning the layout and details of your new custom home with a Naples custom home builder that is well-suited to the task.

Naples Custom Home Builder London Bay Homes has an in-house team to help guide you..jpgLondon Bay Homes’ in-house team of architects and designers have been designing and building some of the finest luxury custom homes in Southwest Florida for nearly 30 years.  When you’re looking to future-proof your home in Mediterra, let London Bay Homes help you create a home design that is convenient, safe, and aesthetically pleasing for varying ages and physical abilities.  Safety can become a big concern for homeowners that have aged to the point of needing a walker or wheelchair, and although aging is not a fun and stress-free thing to think about, it’s a necessary concern when future proofing your luxury home in Naples.  If you’re in the process of buying a new luxury home, here are a few things to consider:

  • Your home should be single-story to avoid having to use stairs in later years, or should come equipped with an elevator to make the transport easier.  You can also put the master bedroom on the first floor of your two-story home to limit the amount of times you have to climb the stairs.
  • Walkways, hallways, and doorways should be smooth and made wide enough so that a wheelchair or walker can easily fit or you can be accompanied by a caretaker.
  • Transitions to each room should be seamless to avoid tripping over the thresholds, t-strips, stairnose, or any other transition used.
  • Flooring should be non-slip.
  • There should be plenty of lighting throughout your home, especially in areas where you will be doing focused work such as your kitchen or study.  You should also have motion-sensor lighting around the exterior of your home so your lights instantly turn on when you are walking up to it.
  • Interior switches and outlets should be within easy reach.
  • Prepare your home for future technologies by having your construction company pull conduit and wiring to every room in your home for which you may need data and video feeds in the future.  You can’t ever pull too many wires in your home and it’s a lot less expensive to pull the wires now then to have to go back and do it later.
  • Kitchen countertops should be made low enough so you can prep food while sitting on a stool or wheelchair.
  • Bathrooms should be spacious to make it easy to move around.
  • Toilets should be a little higher to reduce the risk of falling.
  • Showers should be designed with no edge to avoid tripping.

These are just some of the future-proofing features you can include in luxury custom homes to ensure you are prepared for living the life you deserve now and in the future.  Incorporating these features during the initial build of your home will eliminate the need for a costly renovation later in life when you may not have the time or energy to supervise the project.  Build your future home with an experienced Naples custom home builder now and feel free to thoroughly enjoy your life now and later.

Contact us for more information on the design and build process you can count on to future-proof your home with a Naples custom home builder you can trust.

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