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How to Find an Experienced Naples Custom Home Builder for Your Luxury Home

by Arelys Alexander

When you’ve searched high and low for a home that has everything you want and need, but you’ve still come up empty, you need a luxury home builder that can design the home of your dreams and build it according to your specifications.  That’s when you begin the search for your Naples custom home builder.

The idea behind building a custom home is that it is a home that is built just for you, designed for your lifestyle, built around your budget, and including everything you’ll need today and want tomorrow.  At the end of the 12-18 month build time, you’ll want your dream home delivered on time and on budget, so you’ll need to find a Naples custom home builder that can deliver on their promise of custom building a home that goes above and beyond your expectations.

What Is It That You Want in a Luxury Home

You can’t begin your search for a reliable luxury home builder in Florida without first deciding on what you seek in your home and community. Make a list of everything you can’t live without, as well as a few luxuries you may not need, but certainly want.  These features should include the numbers of bedrooms you want; which dedicated spaces you’ll need for hobbies or entertaining, like a craft room, man cave, wine room, or library; whether you don’t need an extravagant outdoor living space or you want a custom pool and spa with an outdoor kitchen for those beautiful sunny days in Florida; or any special features you want included in your home.  For one of our One-of-a-Kind homes, we were commissioned to create an outdoor living space for the couple’s many grandchildren and that included a water fountain that sprayed water and lit up to the tune of Disney classics.

Whatever you desire, take note of it so that you can find a luxury home builder that can satisfy your requirements.

Create Your List of Naples Custom Home Builders

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If you read the newspaper (whether paper or online), peruse social media, or just do a basic online search for home builders in Naples, you’ll find that there are hundreds of companies listed, but not all of them will be able to meet your needs.  To find the one that’s right for you, you must first be able to determine if these home builders are licensed, reputable, and trustworthy.  When you collect the names of home builders you see on television, in the newspaper, or online, make sure you do a quick search to see if they are licensed.  You can also head to your local Home Builders’ Association to obtain a list of licensed home builders in the area.  Another option is going through the real estate section of your newspaper for popular builders and speaking to local real estate agents, friends, and family for names of home builders they would recommend.  As long as the home builders are licensed, any of the companies recommended by friends and family are worth considering, since you are getting the company names from people who have already gone through the construction process and can give you an honest, inside look into a typical experience with those particularly home builders.

Narrow Down Your List

Now that you have created a list of Naples home builders, you’ll need to start going through them to see which ones have the capability of designing and building your dream home.  That means you’ll need to determine which builders are capable of building a dream home that meets your standards and falls within your preferred price range.  If you’re looking for a specific type of home - such as a luxury villa home or a single-family estate home - you’ll be able to narrow the list further to only include those builders that have those specific home types.  For example, a home builder who focuses on villa homes may not be able to adequately design your one-of-a-kind estate home and a home builder that only builds homes based on pre-designed floor plans will more than likely not be able to handle the additional design work of making changes to that floor plan or designing a unique floor plan just for you.

Get the Details on Your Remaining Candidates

You’ve done the work and now have a handful of luxury custom home builders that you feel may be capable of building your dream home.  The next step is scheduling an appointment with a Sales Executive from each company to learn more about their products and services.  Most luxury custom home builders will have luxury model homes for you to tour.  These model homes are ideal for getting an inside look into the quality of the builder’s work and seeing their design capabilities.  Pay special attention to details, such as the cabinetry, flooring, trim work, paint, and any detailed work that may be overlooked during an initial inspection.  Remember to look past the furnishing of the model home to see the actual home build details.

When touring the homes with a sales executive, make sure you ask any and all questions that come to mind, and take notes so you can look back on them when you are making your final decision.  If you are touring luxury model homes during a Parade of Homes or a similar event where an appointment is not necessary, make sure you write down any questions you may have so you can follow up with that particular home builder once the special event is over.  Remember to ask about the materials and processes used throughout the build and inquire about whether or not previously built homes have maintained their value.  You can then follow-up with an appointment to dig deeper into their work and their individual home building processes.  During your appointment, make sure you ask the Sales Executive to see any floor plans they have available that fit your needs and ask about the home builder’s design and customization capabilities. Before the end of your meeting, ask if they can provide a list of previous custom home clients and then actually reach out to them to inquire about their experience.  You’ll be able to learn a lot from the people who have already worked with the home builder by asking a few simple questions:

  • Did the builder communicate clearly and in a timely fashion?
  • Was the project on time and on budget?
  • Was the construction site clean and organized?
  • How did the builder respond when problems arose (if applicable)?
  • Are you happy with the final project?
  • Would you recommend this builder to your friends and family?  Why or why not?

Finding the One

Naples Custom Home Builder London Bay Homes has an in-house team to help guide you.

You’ve done all of your research and have interviewed the potential luxury custom home builders in Naples.  By now, you may have already made a connection with a home builder and are ready to move forward with the design portion of your new home.  If you haven’t, revisit all of your notes and determine which home builder included all of the services you need for your home.  If you have called previous clients, delve into their responses, and maybe even check out some online reviews of the remaining home builders to see what others had to say about their experience.

For our preferred Naples custom home builder, Mediterra partners with London Bay Homes to bring an award-winning, trusted, and reliable luxury home builder to our prospective residents.  London Bay Homes has 30 years of experience and relies on their signature Private Label Living process to ensure every client receives the highest possible level of service with complete satisfaction every step of the way.  They have designed a wide range of fully-customizable floor plans from which to choose, and work with an in-house team of residential designers or your architectural partner to facilitate the design process for custom builds.  Their in-house team is an ideal integration of architecture and construction that allows clients to go through their custom home building experience without the hiccups that can be found when maintaining a relationship between two companies.  It also makes it easier to create a realistic budget and then monitor the cost and scope of the project from start to finish, especially since the London Bay Homes team keeps you informed of every step throughout the building process with proactive updates on your home.

Schedule your appointment to get the details on what London Bay Homes offers and see the luxury living lifestyle you can have when you live in a beautifully appointed London Bay home in Mediterra.

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