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Popular Luxury Home Styles in Naples, Florida

by Arelys Alexander

Of the many breathtaking homes in Naples, Florida, a few stand out as being the favorites of locals and newcomers alike. So when you're house hunting for the dwelling of your dreams, here are some of the most popular designs you’re likely to notice along the gulf coast.

Mediterranean or Neo-Mediterranean

One much-preferred architectural style in Naples is the Mediterranean or Neo-Mediterranean style. 

As their names suggest, they often portray blends of elements from the Mediterranean countries such as Spain, Italy, and Portugal. Mediterranean houses typically host wrought-iron balconies above and European-style gardens below. 

The preferred color pallet for this design is earth tones, and these homes ordinarily feature stucco walls and barrel-tiled roofs. 

Over the years, influences from other countries such as Greece and France were blended into the Mediterranean style, giving birth to Neo-Mediterranean. The Neo-Mediterranean will often include elements such as pillars, archways, and tiled courtyards.


Spanish Style

Another popular design among Naples' homes is the Spanish style. Although there isn't necessarily a clearly defined boundary between these and the Mediterranean, Spanish style homes most often have parapets, carved stonework, and low-pitched, tiled roofs. 

Their many prominent arches are also a giveaway. You'll often see winding or curved staircases covered in painted tile and tower-like chimneys in these residences. Perhaps best of all are their abundant balconies, from which you can look down over a lush, garden courtyard. 


Coastal Contemporary

If you prefer a lighter, airier feel, you might consider choosing a home with a Coastal Contemporary plan. This style is recognizable by its natural textures, clean lines, and neutral colors reflective of the beach or ocean. 

A major feature of these homes is their many windows, an essential element in a seaside property for the views and natural sunlight that is abundant in Southwest Florida. 

Interiors are open and bright, while exteriors speak of elegance, simplicity, and a "beachy" essence — but it's important to understand that we don't mean beachy in the nautical sense. Instead, Coastal Contemporary mirrors the natural environment for its color palette. That includes light, which is perhaps the most necessary element of all. 

In this style, window treatments are kept to a minimum so as not to detract from natural sunlight. One of the favorite colors for Coastal Contemporary exteriors is white, with accent colors of greens, light blues, and grays.


British West Indies (Colonial)

British West Indies is a colonial style of architecture that has caught on along the coast of Florida. This style came about as the traditional British architecture merged with that of the Caribbean colonies in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. 

Known for the symmetry of its doors, windows, and rooms arranged around a central point, it features high ceilings with open beams and verandas with large overhangs. 

One sought-after feature of these homes is the way the indoor and outdoor elements blend seamlessly. Covered, summer kitchens, sliding glass doors, and heated pools make entertaining in these homes a pure joy. 

Though they do allow for plenty of light, unlike the Coastal Contemporary plans, with the British West Indies style, you'll often find shutters adorning the windows. Most homes of this type are covered with a metal roof with a low slope. 


Old Florida Style

The Old Florida style of architecture will always be a hit in Naples and throughout the state of its namesake. It developed from a type of wood-frame house used in the 19th century by early settlers. These homes exude the feeling of casual luxury by embodying tropical living. Like the British West Indies style, the Florida style features metal roofs, but with a steeper pitch. Porches are typically covered for lots of protection from sun, rain, and wind. 

These gorgeous homes have high ceilings and are often raised off the ground on piers. Often boasting wrap-around verandas, they also typically have a central hallway that runs from the front of the house to the back. 

When you're looking for a residence crafted with awe-inspiring architecture, Mediterra has a stunning array of homes from which to choose. We're always expanding our homesites and amenities to create a thoughtful, relaxed approach to upscale living in Naples, Florida. Connect with us, and we'll help you find the perfect match between location and luxury.


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